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Oh yes, there were more treats that came out of this weekend. I told you I was busy!! We had our office holiday party on Tuesday…and afterwards my friends and I did a secret santa so of course…I baked.

Peanut and Chocolate cookies…two heavenly foods mixed together.


Peanut Butter and Chocolate Kiss cookies

I got the recipe from Bakerella…here.

Last weekend was a busy weekend. Really busy. We had our annual family Christmas party where members of my extended family come and we eat, drink, and be merry. Even though I am an only child technically (I have a stepbrother and sister) I have a huge family. We’re Irish, what can I say? So when we get together it’s always a lot of noise, but a lot of fun and catching up.

Of course, because I love to bake, my mom put me in charge of baking for the party. Which leads me to my first of many treats- Oatmeal Butterscotch Cookies. Every year my mom asks for these cookies around Christmas time so it has come somewhat of a tradition. It’s a super easy recipe that I’ve been making since I was 13 or so. No need to change it, it’s good just as is, although sometimes I substitute the butterscotch chips for raisins or chocolate chips.


Oatmeal Butterscotch Cookies

You can get the recipe here at the Hershey’s website. And of course if you have something you make as a holiday tradition, please share! I love hearing about traditions.

Oh my goodness this weather has been crazy!

Two weekends ago it was a beautiful fall weekend here in New York. It was Alumni weekend at my alma mater, Fairfield University, so I got to see most of my college friends which was wonderful. I only graduated a little over a year ago, but so much can change in that time. It was nice to see old friends and feel at home at Fairfield again. Then Dave and I got to enjoy the weekend on that Sunday and hiked Bear Mountain. Obviously a busy weekend, so there was no baking involved.

Hiking Bear Mountain 10/23

See how gorgeous the weather was!

But last weekend Mother Nature decided to play a Halloween trick on us and send a Nor’easter our way.  Some of my friends joked that October was going as January for Halloween. We got roughly 8-10 inches of snow. It was incredible. I have never seen snow in New York in October. Ever. And because the trees still have their leaves on them there were downed trees EVERYWHERE. All the streets by my house looked like a war zone. And of course we lost power in the midst of it all. Some towns had to “cancel” Halloween because they feared it was not safe for kids to be trick or treating with so many trees and power lines down.

October Snowstorm from my backyard

What a difference a week makes.

We finally got power back Thursday morning and this is the first time I’ve had a chance to post. So here is treat #7! In the middle of the snowstorm I was making snickerdoodle cookies. In the middle of making snickerdoodle cookies, we lost power. Did I still eat them even though they were half cooked? Yes.

Snickerdoodle cookies.

Now that it’s the weekend again I am hoping I’ll have time to bake something later. Hopefully we won’t lose power again, wish me luck!

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