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Why hello world!

My name is Lauren and I love to bake/cook. I mean with all these cupcake shops and cooking shows popping up on TV, who wouldn’t? Baking is really what I love the most though, because who doesn’t love sweets? I truly believe that when someone says your cake is delicious it’s not just because you’ve hit the baking jackpot, but because a little bit of love goes into each kitchen adventure.

However, even though I love to bake and always have (mashing up bananas in your fisher-price kitchen at the age of 4 counts, right?) I seldom do, because I don’t have time or am trying to watch my girlish figure. But, I wanted to challenge myself to bake a new dessert every week. I want to challenge myself to try to bake all sorts of desserts I haven’t tried to make before, especially those that don’t come out of a box. I figured that blogging my successes (and epic failures) would give me more accountability, even if no one ever reads my blog except for my wonderful boyfriend (hi dave!)

So, here goes nothing…

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