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He’s so cute, doing all that for me. There were even fireworks after 🙂


I was feeling adventurous last night and decided to try a recipe I found for Sloppy Buffalo Joes made with bison meat. Surprisingly good, tasted just like beef. (I know, how cliche of me to say) Dave and I liked it so much we’re having leftovers for dinner tonight! If you have picky eaters in your house, I think this would be totally picky eater approved. Just don’t tell them they’re eating bison.

Of course I totally forgot to take a picture of it but here’s a link to the recipe if your feeling adventurous too: Sloppy Buffalo Joes

If you haven’t figured out by now, I am a Rachael Ray fan. I get her magazine every month and I’m trying to cook my way through! Don’t tell me she’s not a real chef, I could care less because, neither am I.

I realize that a blog is no fun if you only post on it once a week…so I decided to show what I’m cooking too. (I am by no means a food stylist, so excuse the photography. Guess I need to step my game up now.)

Here’s what’s for dinner today:

Rachel Ray’s Bruschetta with Hot Cherry Tomatoes but on pasta instead of crusty bread!

There will be a treat soon, I promise!  xo

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