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For a while now I’ve been wanting to make something s’mores-y. So I finally got the chance last weekend to make a s’mores cupcake! (Side note, my professor at culinary school declared all cupcakes just awful yesterday. I blushed a little…good thing she doesn’t read this!)

Anyways here is the beautiful s’mores cupcake that made me dream of summer:

As you can tell I made big ones and little ones. I ran out of big cupcake wrappers so I had to make little ones, I think they came out cute.

I made graham cracker cupcakes with crushed graham cracker mixed into the batter.

Filled it with Fluff (which is the stuff dreams are made of by the way) and topped it with chocolate frosting.

Delish. Wish I had kept track of the recipe though, kind of just came up with it as I went. So sorry!

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